Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IF -Extreme

Extreme Sport: Fresh Powder
Snow Boarding is amazing to watch and most certainly an extreme sport in my eyes.

Regarder un doué faire du "Snow Boarding" est extraordinaire, et je pense, ce sport qualifie comme "sport extreme".

Following is the progression for this illustration. First the sketch, then the cleaned up drawing done with black gel pen.Voici l'évolution de mon illustration, en commençant par le rapide, puis le dessin nétoyé et passé à l'encre.

Next, prisma colors for the surfer and watercolor for the background.
Ensuite, crayon de couleur et un fond en peinture à l'eau.

Then a little play time with Photoshop, and Voila!

Le tout assemblé compliment Photoshop. Et voilà le travail !


  1. Awesome! You've done such a good job. Lovely illo.

  2. wow, nice job. like it a lot.

  3. This is a cool image, very exciting.

  4. Thanks for showing the process - that always fascinates me. I really like your snowboarder.

  5. Good post - I enjoyed seeing the process. You are talented.


  6. Wow, very cool illustration. It's very interesting to see how other illustrators work too. How long did this piece take you? Great work, keep it up.

  7. I only just stumbled across your site. I only wish I could draw like that.


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