Saturday, April 11, 2009

sketchCrawl #22

Today is Sketchcrawl #22.

I've been wanting to take part in one of these for a while now, unfortunately, after several warm Spring days it's rather chilly again here in northern Colorado.

I took my scooter out for a ride to see what I could do.

I must say I was feeling rather self-conscious and would much prefer doing this with a group -actually, that's part of the point, only I don't know any other artists here yet.

So... here is my lonely sketch of a little historic church downtown.

I got a little chilled and did not stay long. Still, my first SketchCrawl participation! I'm happy. :D

For next one I'll seek out other artists and get a group going for sure. It's a learning process, what can I say.

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