Saturday, May 30, 2009

IF - Adapt and Pineapple illo

IF Theme: Adapt.

Nature has an incredible way of adapting to its environment. All fruits, veggies, animals, plants, etc., change as they need to best survive, creating an incredible array of color, shapes and forms.

This pineapple is the first of a series soon to be converted into a fun food t-shirts and pop art prints.

This first pop art illo is visible on the FineArtAmerica page for the moment.

I'm working on the shirts right now.

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  1. Cool idea for tee-shirts. I really like the pineapple.

  2. Makes me want a pineapple - it's a good day for one. And I agree - this will look awesome on a t-shirt!

  3. Lovely pineapple, I can just taste it, great minds . . . the sentiment, not the illustration


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