Sunday, December 04, 2011

3 Most Popular Greeting Cards for PurpleCactus

For the second post in our week of Most Popular Designs of 2011, I am including images from my mother's sites, brand name PurpleCactus.
Why? Well, simply, because she is my mother afterall, and also because I happen to design most of her greeting cards and and items in her zazzle painting site. :D

So ...

From the PurpleCactus brand, the 3 most popular categories in the Greeting Card section are:
- First, Father's Day
- Second, Mother's Day,
- and Third, Flower & Garden Cards

PurpleCactus' MOST POPULAR DESIGNS for 2011:

I have to add the very close 4th design here, just because it's funny and I happen to really like it:

Cheers everyone!

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