Friday, June 22, 2012

Denver Comic Con Pictures

Denver Comic Con was a total blast! It's on the list of to-do every year from now on.

I've got pictures of my table and tons of people in costumes. I'm only going to post some of my favorite ones here, otherwise this would be the longest post ever ... really ...

First, my table:
There were soooo00OOO many zombies of all kinds, that I made a "Gore-Zombie-Gun Free Zone" sign for my table.
I got several appreciative comments from people stopping by.

Below is a shot of the postcards and stickers I brought.
The TOOT series (cartoons) always do well, and the Dr. Who one was a BIG hit.
Star Wars was as usual very well represented, with a few for Star Trek fans and some just for fun.

And off course, MY personal favorite, Dr. Who, very much in attendance:

Tom Baker (#4) and David Tennant (#10) were the most represented, though I did see Matt Smith (#11) and Amy Pond but did not get a good picture -that and several people with Matt Smith's "very cool" bow tie. Oh, and tons TONS of Dr. Who t-shirts of all types! He's definitively the man of the hour.
I just might have to make one of my own ... 

There actually was a guy inside this, scooting it along.


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