Monday, July 13, 2015

Charts and Expedition Pages

Update on The League of Art Travelers project: a couple shots of my computer screen.

In the first one I am working on the stat charts students will fill out as they go through their art expeditions. These pages have been filled out partially as an example.

The first form is to log in progress for various Tokens earned through the expeditions. These will be generously handed out throughout missions. Each 3 Token for a particular skill earns a level for that skill.
The second form logs in missions (3-5) per expedition. Levels are gained through the number of missions completed. I will also rename that one to something less clinical ... maybe "Mission & Levels", as that is what it does.

I'm doing a general run through for the first expedition, with boxes and placements to be filled with illustrations and other elements critical to that particular story later on.
What you see here is the start of Mission #1 of the expedition, with Objectives listed and the adventure part of laying out the scene and introducing characters. 
It's all work in progress really, so anything you see here might change dramatically before it gets to the finished line - and that's part of the fun of creating these adventures!
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