Monday, December 17, 2007

3D Map -Phase 3

I have finally gotten around to painting the background on the map -and quite pleased with it. Take a look.

J'ai finalement peint le fond de mon petit project de carte -et pas si mal, je dois dire. Ca me plait. Regardez un peu.


  1. You go girl. Very cool, and happy for you. I like the colors and of course, the composition of the picture. So, what do you think about the routes/roads keep them white or what? I highly recommended you let it sit for awhile, think it first. It is a very interesting piece of art and I know that you have fun with it. Could you do some little size of color studies like 4"x6" on paper roughly applying color and see how it works. Some subtle colors, i.e. metallic colors like gold or silver, don't know. Think about it and try it works. No rush...

  2. Thanks for stopping by to see Mr. Duality!

    I really like this map project of yours & it has given me some new ideas for mixed media, thanks!


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