Monday, September 07, 2015

Teaching Middle School Art

Yesterday I made a few tokens specifically for my middle school kids.

Kids will earn Tokens for their art work and various classroom participation and glue them in their "art book" that we made earlier this year.

At the end of each semester quarter, we'll count them up and give out prizes.

"You're Awesome" is given out occasionally for kids helping out with gathering textbooks, passing out papers, volunteering to read, great participation, etc.

"Book Smart" is earn for each day we work out of a book with reading and discussion involved.
The "Golden Ticket" is a sneaky fellow! This one is going to be fun to give out. :)

Kids catalog their work into an "Art Book" that we did earlier this year.
They glue in a thumbnail picture of their project (which I take with my phone and print out) and write a reflection on the assignment, how they did and what they learned.

When I take it up to grade, I leave a sticky note to the 3 or 4 kids that did particularly well in their reflection. They exchange that sticky note for a "Golden Ticket" to glue in the book and an immediate small prize (stickers).

I teach in a very poor area and love giving out prizes to these kids. 
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